Blog new plug in saber now available free

blog new plug in saber now available free

Download Plug -in: blog Create High quality energy.
Andrew Kramer says, "Our sweet new energy plug -in is available right now for free! Check out the tutorial and start downloading! Staying up for.
The new free plugin from Video Copilot is called Saber. Does that name bring anything to mind? Maybe a snaggle-toothed tiger? A car?.
Controls for color, light fall-off, glow intensity, spread, and glow bias give you a range of unique options right out of the gate. What are you looking for? Take a look at the Saber trailer for some ideas of how it can be used. Check out this tutorial video created by Andrew Kramer. This award-winning site provides comprehensive information on both production and post-production in multi-distribution film, online, mobile, and broadcast environments. There is almost an endless number of possibilities for the looks that you can build. blog new plug in saber now available free How to use plugin saber