Biblical definition of modesty

biblical definition of modesty

Modesty Defined. The English word modesty appears only once in the King James Version of the Bible (1 Timothy The word modesty is from the Greek term.
First and foremost, a biblical definition of modesty must focus on the heart. Modesty is primarily about our motivations. In addition, modest dress.
Modesty definition, the quality of being modest; freedom from vanity, boastfulness, She says the experience was far from the Christian modesty she had been. A Christian Girl’s Perfect Afternoon - Girl Defined Often times a strap would be worn around the middle below the breasts to give the stola some form around the body, biblical definition of modesty. In Ephesus, the original destination of this letter, the cultural elite were known for their gaudy and extravagant wardrobes, their elaborate hair styles, and their expensive clothing that communicated extraordinary wealth. PANTS were a mans garment no matter how our world has changed, there are no scriptures that say Christians can change with the world. As believers, we died to both sin and the Law including the so-called moral laws. My questions to you were:.